Can I take CBD oil and drink coffee?


    Discussions about Cannabidiol or CBD is everywhere. The cannabinoid which does not have mind-altering effects have been proven to alleviate anxiety, improve sleeping patterns, ease inflammation, and provide other therapeutic benefits. With its growing prominence, CBD product manufacturers keep on expanding upon their ingenious offerings, from candies to chocolates, and from ice cream to lattes.

    In New York and almost across the U.S., CBD oil products can be found elsewhere – in convenience stores, vape stores and in beauty shops as topical creams and CBD tinctures. You may likewise find couples massage, dog treats, and chocolate chip cookies. The compound is also mixed with cocktails, savory snacks, and ice cream. A CBD-infused beverage is also under development by Coca-Cola.

    The sky is the limit when it comes to CBD products. Yet, is it really okay to mix stimulating caffeine and supposedly soothing CBD together? Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive?

    The potential health benefits of CBD have been well research, but the resulting effect of mixing caffeine with CBD is quite limited. This is due in part of the fact that the hemp-derived CBD was for so long put up with marijuana when it comes to legality, and thereby made obtaining federal funding for experimental purposes quite challenging. Things have changed post-2018 after the 2018 Farm bill was passed into law which implied that the cannabis market, including studies into how they work, will flourish even more this year and beyond.

    Despite the massive drive towards the legitimization of CBD-related studies, the health department of New York City has recently prohibited restaurants from serving CBD in edibles such as lattes as according to Eater, it was “not safe” as a food additive.  While it remains legal to sell the compound on its own in other forms, the announcement has cast doubts over the effectiveness and safety of the famous CBD lattes.

    Having said that, there are research which looked into the effects of combining the two. According to research published in The Journal of Internal Medicine, cannabis and coffee stimulate several of the same brain pathways. It explained that the neurotransmitters associated with the endocannabinoid system are reduced after drinking 4 to 8 cups of coffee daily. These are the same neurotransmitters affected by cannabis but in the opposite manner.

    While more studies need to be done with regards to the exact effects of combining CBD and caffeine, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence available. You are probably quick to assume that your morning brew’s jolt may neutralize the chilling effect induced by CBD, anecdotal evidence shows that it is not always the case. Canna-Centers Medical director, Dr. Bonni Goldstein said that learning how someone reacts to CBD is a case-to-case basis, while the effects of combining the compound with caffeine are not well-understood yet.

    She said that the interaction between the two substances is not clear yet. CBD serves as a stimulant at low doses but may cause sedation at higher doses. This suggests that the reaction of an individual to the combination of the two compounds may vary depending on the doses of each you take.

    Well+Good writer Erin Magner said that there are a couple of individuals who report that combining the two compounds actually boost alertness level while canceling out the harsher effects of caffeine.

    Similar to other potential use of CBD, studies concerning the effects of mixing it with caffeine is not that solid yet, but that is about to change. Meanwhile, to be fully aware regarding your CBD use, such as taking small doses at a time, as well as being sure of the product quality you are taking, should aid you in making informed choices concerning what works best for you.