Are the effects of CBD oil immediate?


    With the popularity level of CBD growing more and more, a lot of individuals elsewhere are changing their minds about cannabis plants and are trying cannabidiol (CBD).  Yet for several first-time users, one of their most common questions regarding it is similar to what they have with other medication or supplement, “are CBD oil effects immediate?”

    This is a vital concern by a lot of first-time users, yet unfortunately, it is usually left unanswered…and hence cause them to draw their own assumptions. The lack of knowledge results in several misconceptions and distortions of expectations regarding its effects.

    The quick answer to the question posed above is: it varies. Similar to other medicines or supplements, CBD takes time to start working depending on various factors. It’s important to understand that it needs to be absorbed into the bloodstream first to obtain its full benefits, and then delivered throughout the Endocannabinoid system for CBD receptors to bind together and speed up the reactions.

    The key factors are as follows:

    1.            Consumption method.

    There are various ways to take CBD, including topical application, injection, oral consumption, sublingual absorption and vaping. Each of these delivers CBD to the bloodstream by various routes passing via several digestive mechanisms, filtering and breaking it down along the way. Unfortunately, only a portion of the CBD you take gets into the bloodstream.

    The consumption method also affects how fast the CBD reaches the bloodstream. The lesser digestive mechanism the CBD needs to go through implies a faster time to get into the bloodstream.

    Injection method provides the fastest delivery, yet probably not something users want to do most often. The next best options, therefore, are sublingual and vaping.

    2.            Quality of CBD

    The absorption process of the CBD can be slowed down by substandard CBD products. By substandard, we mean the following:

    –              The use of harmful, low-quality ingredients, or genetically modified ingredients.

    –              The product exceeded its expiration date or was damaged due to exposure to heat or sun.

    –              It contains ingredients that are difficult for the digestive system to process.

    –              There are ingredients that are hard for our bodies to digest.

    –              Improper production of the CBD.

    3.            Body composition

    Each person has unique qualities, behaviors, feelings, habits, bodies, etc.  We all have different body composition that may change anytime. Thus, the speed of absorption may vary from one person to another.

    The body composition may include the composition of several body parts, each of which can come into play on how fast your body can process CBD. When taking a particular medicine, for instance, your body composition may be changed in a manner that impedes or slow down the absorption process. The enzymes in your stomach will not digest as efficient as possible if you are stressed. In the same way, the manner your body processes substances may be affected by a particular medical condition you may be having.

    Other factors that can affect the absorption process are as follows:

    Body’s metabolism – There are a lot of factors that can affect your metabolism, and consequently influence your metabolic rate, or how fast your body system breaks down compounds and synthesize them to sustain vital body functions.

    Body mass and weight – Both these factors have a significant influence on how your body absorbs any substance.  A larger body mass, for instance, will need more CBD to feel its effects. Therefore, it will require the body more time too to process the larger quantity of CBD.

    The above factors function well in most cases, yet for more extreme situations, begin by identifying the CBD dosage which will deliver obvious effects, then calculate the time it needs to feel those effects.